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Great Benefits of the 8(a)/GSA Combined Federal Marketing Strategy

Consider pairing a GSA Schedule with an 8(a) Certification for a combined marketing plan if you're thinking about getting one, and not the other. This increases an 8(a) firm's visibility in the federal market and boosts sales from the GSA Schedule.

This combination strategy has proven quite effective, and 8(a) + GSA Sales are currently expanding at a pace of about 18% annually. See the table below.

               FY2019             FY2020                FY2021               FY2022

8(a)/GSA Sales   $1,539,753,368   $1,921,584,537   $2,347,845,409   $2,875,030,109

Below is the Top 10 NAICS Codes from 8(a) Federal Sales for the Fiscal Year 2022 is shown in the table below, along with the potential additional sales from GSA Schedule with an 8(a) Certification for Fiscal Years 2021 and 2022.

If you'd like to learn more about how you may benefit from having either a GSA Schedule or a 8(a) Certification, or both, to improve your potential growth in federal contracting, I always recommend you contact an industry expert such as ez8a, Advance GSA or Advance 8a. None charge for an initial consultation.


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