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Industry Sales of Small Businesses with a GSA Schedule

What are the sales for small business with a GSA Schedule in my Industry?

Knowing the sales volumes of the federal government is an important thing to know prior to obtaining a GSA Schedule. There are 19,000 GSA Schedule Holders of which 12,000 are small businesses. The average small business with a GSA Schedule Contract has over $1MM per year in federal sales from that alone. 

A few of the reasons for the large sales volume of small business is that the GSA conducts upfront vetting of products and services on the schedule. This vetting allows small businesses on schedule to be taken as serious as large sellers by federal buyers. Additionally, there are over 12 million commercial products and services on a GSA Schedule allowing federal buyers to get most of what they need from this single source. 

Here are some examples of the products and services on the GSA Schedule System:

Listed below are the GSA Industries ranked in order of size from largest Industry to smallest.

If you found your industry on the list and think it is worth pursuing a GSA Schedule either standalone, or combined with an 8(a) Certification, I always recommend contacting an industry expert such as Advance GSA or ez8a to discuss if either or both are currently a good fit for your business. Neither consulting operation charges for an initial consultation.


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