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ITVMO will Lead to an Industry-Wide IT Push to GSA Managed Schedules and GWACs

ITVMO, which stands for IT Vendor Management Office, is set to be launched in October of 2020. This central IT manager is a product of the combination of the GSA, OFPP (Office of Procurement Policy), NASA, and the NIH Information Acquisition and Assessment Center.

The GSA, OFPP and other partners on the ITVMO released a one-page fact sheet earlier this month which gives a brief picture as to how this plan will work:


ITVMO in Action
Based on the GSA’s category management success over the last several years, the government is seeing opportunities created by sharing insights, pricing data, terms and conditions, and other important acquisition data-intelligence. To that end, the ITVMO is designed to ensure that knowledge is shared across the entire federal government.

My main takeaway is the ITVMO procurement process will push spending to the GSA IT70, and GSA GWACc away from a smaller agency based or multiple agency-based IT contracts. This will occur for three reasons:

1. When a new IT project is in play, Step 2 of the diagram below: Subject Matter Expertise is utilized. This subject matter expert who is part of the GSA will most likely be most familiar with solutions found on either the GSA Schedule System, a GSA managed GWAC, or, in some cases, NASA SEWP.

2. The GSA is financially incentivized to use their “Best in Class” Schedule and GWAC contracts as they charge a fee on all sales, which pays their budget.

3. GSA’s Contracting vehicles in most cases provide the best solution.

The ITVMO identifies the resources needed for solid market research, provides support for independent government cost estimates, and assists in the development of RFPs. Its’ contribution will be to create “A whole-of-government approach that will bring together program staff, contract specialists, vendors, and other IT acquisition professionals from various agencies to solve common IT acquisition problems. The ITVMO will enable the federal government to make smarter and more cost-effective IT buying decisions.”

There may not be a better first step when entering the federal marketplace than getting on GSA Schedule. If you would like to have an analysis run of your firm to see what type of impact a GSA Schedule could provide, I always recommend contacting an industry expert such as Advance GSA. They can be reached at (303)810-4580, and do not charge for an initial consultation.


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