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Best Agencies for SDVOSB Firms

SDVOSB firms averaged 16.4% of Federal Small Business Sales in 2020 ($23.9B/$145.7B). The federal agency with the highest percentage of SDVOSB sales was the VA at 77.2%. In fact, the VA accounts for 31.3% of all SDVOSB sales ($7.5B/$23.9B). This is because the VA gives SDVOSB firms first preference for contracting opportunities before the VA pursues other small business contractors. Therefore, the VA is always the first and potentially best customer a SDVOSB firm can have.  


The second-best agency for SDVOSB firms is the DOJ. The DOJ awarded 21.8% of its small business sales to SDVOSB firms. This could be due to many of the specialized applicable skills ex-military personnel have that are helpful in their agencies mission.


The DoD falls below the 16.4% average, however with such a large percentage of SDVOSB sales falling with the VA, overall, the DoD is a great place to look for contracts for SDVOSB firms when it comes to the volume of total Federal Small Business Sales.


You can see the breakdown of the other major spending agencies to see where they fall below:



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