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Acceptance into the SBA's 8a Business Development program requires an applicant to successfully pass a strict evaluation. Seemingly simple or minor errors are enough to trigger a denial of an application. Not only will an unsuccessful 8a application have been a huge waste of time, effort and money for the applicant firm, but it can also have negative ramifications on a company's future attempts at the 8a Certification. In 8a Magazine we explore the role that consulting firms play, as well as all other issues pertaining to the 8a Certification. Is working with a consulting firm that provides expert and qualified help in order to be admitted into the 8a Business Development program, the right choice for your business? Understanding whether participation in an SBA program such as 8a will be helpful to your company is the first step in the process. Once your company has determined the possibilities that the 8a Certification can open up in the government marketplace, the only thing between your firm and their ultimate sales potential is understanding the vast array of federal rules and regulations that will present themselves to an applicant while completing the 8a application. Whatever you need for your firm to get there, 8a Magazine can help guide you.

Aspiring 8a Top Stories
8a Magazine’s content is provided by the federal and state certification and contracting industry experts of ez8a, Advance GSA, Government Marketing, Advance 8a and Fedvital, as well as guest contributors that are at the top of their field. Aspiring 8a Articles are designed to focus on the advantages a firm can realize by pursuing the SBA’s 8a Certification. While our articles highlight different aspects of the certification process, further exploration of the subject matter or even issues that we have yet to discuss (or haven’t discussed in a while) may be at the top of your mind. Click ‘Ask An Expert’ to send a note directly to our resident Aspiring 8a Expert, Todd Luttenegger. From there, Todd can help answer any questions your firm may have concerning the 8a Certification process.Ask an Expert

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