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Combining Activities Boosts Federal Marketing

Many people I talk with tell me if they just knew where to get started, they are sure their business could be prosperous in the federal marketplace. Because of this, I have made up a list of the typical marketing activities successful firms engage in to achieve federal sales. Below is the framework for a winning, broad strategy for firms looking to dominate their competition at the federal level:

Combining these activities generates greater results. Below are some examples as to how combining federal sales marketing activities yield better results.

Meet and Greet

A, B and C:  Going to meet and greets, then connecting via social networking and calling/emailing, is a good strategy. Attending conferences is perhaps the most expensive way to generate leads but there is no substitution for face to face interaction.

Targeted Social Networking

B and C:  Using lists that are created in order to target specific people via social networking is an effective long-term strategy to break into new agencies. You have to be good at playing the LinkedIn game.

GWACs and Bidding

D and E:  Obtaining a GWAC narrows the pool of perspective customers and also allows a firm to obtain some small contracts in which to gain government experience and past performance. This building of capabilities increases a firm’s likelihood of winning competitive bids.

Subcontracting and Certifications

Large firms in the federal contracting space are required to have small business inclusiveness plans in place. These firms receive additional credit towards their plans if the small businesses they are contracting with have a certification.

If you have interest in exploring how to exacerbate your firm’s marketing towards greater, future business development opportunities, I always recommend contacting an industry expert such Fedvital or ez8a. Both do not charge for an initial consultation.


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