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Federal Construction Contracting, Scope Creep and the Triple Constraint Theory

Whether or not you’ve heard of the term “Scope Creep”, I am sure that you have been affected by it. If you’re in the Construction Business, then “Scope Creep” is likely costing you thousands of dollars each year at the very least. Until I developed the “Triple Constraint Theory” it was costing me lots of money annually too. Getting paid fair value on change orders should not be just a wish, but a reality, for all contractors.

The basic concept of overcoming “Scope Creep’ was first presented as part of my Keynote Presentation, “7 Keys to Federal Construction Profits” at the 2010 Dallas Construction Expo Show. Watch the video to understand the impact the right strategy can have towards turning an ongoing issue and problem into a positive and profitable solution.


One of our previous workshop attendees Victor is a Service-Disabled Veteran, and an experienced Federal Contractor from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He attended our Mastering Federal Contracting Workshop in December of 2015 and one of his biggest takeaways was concerning “Scope Creep”. This generally costs most contractors thousands of dollars every year until they get the unique understanding and/or training in order to learn exactly how I turned “Scope Creep” into millions of dollars of profit earlier in my career. Listen (and watch) what Victor had to say…. https://gcexperts.com/workshop/video-no-39/


Doug Reitmeyer is a guest columnist for 8a Magazine, and the foremost government construction expert in the United States.

Doug teaches the only Mastering Federal Contracting Workshop that covers everything A to Z including access to all the tools, templates, scripts and advanced technologies that have been proven successful on over $1.9 Billion in highly profitable Government contract awards.

There are dozens of brief video interviews with the graduates. Brochure and details can be found at www.GCExperts.com/workshops


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