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Getting the Jump on Federal Buyers’ Digital Marketing – Identify Where Federal Buyers Conduct Market Research

Public Sector Digital Advertising

Marketers in the private sector spend large sums of money purchasing digital ads, adwords and posting on social media, to get eyeballs on their products and services. These large expenditures are not necessary in the public space because once you are on the GSA Schedule System, there are no pay per click fees. It’s free!


Reasons Federal Buyers are Big Fans of GSA Schedules

Here are the six factors that GSA Schedules excel at, making them highly desirable for federal buyers to use.


Added Bonus:  No SEO Costs on the GSA Schedule System 

Like search engine optimization for Google/Bing, organic searches requiring months of jockeying to achieve good rankings, requiring many firms to take on outside firms to handle this as a service. The GSA Schedule System only requires that a firm match the descriptions for their products and service to achieve high page rank status. This eliminates another digital marketing cost for the Public Sector Seller. But remember to spend time on your GSA descriptions.


GSA Solves FAR Requirement Problems

In the federal landscape FAR (Federal Acquisitions Regulations) requires that federal buyers take steps to procure the most appropriate product or service to satisfy an agency mission. Therefore, the federal buyer must justify and document their purchasing decision based upon research. This research is used in several of the following ways:


1. To validate requirements or remove requirements;

2. To identify more efficient requirements, eliminating “gold-plating”;

3. To ensure that requirements are consistent with industry practices; and

4. To ensure that requirements are inclusive of small business. 


Buying from the GSA Schedule System eliminates all of these FAR concerns.


If you have interest in exploring your firm’s eligibility and potential on GSA Schedule, I always recommend contacting an industry expert such as Advance GSA and ezgsaschedule. Neither charge for an initial consultation.


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