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Great Federal Buyer: Customer Service = GSA Schedule

The best customer service for federal buyers is through the GSA Schedule System. As a result, a small business vendor with a GSA Schedule has approximately three times the sales of those that do not. The advantages the GSA Schedule creates are the following:

  1. Savings – GSA Schedule greatly reduced the administrative cost for the purchase of goods and services while obtaining competitive pricing. Therefore, the agency saves on the cost of the product or service as well as the administrative burden for carrying out purchases.
  2. Options – Federal Buyers have over 12 million goods and services that are listed on the GSA Schedule System to choose from.
  3. Lead Time – Federal Buyers can point and click, purchasing in most cases is that simple.
  4. Transparency – Vendors are required to list all charges in the company’s schedule so Federal Buyers can make educated decisions.
  5. Additional Flexibility – The Federal Buyer can solicit additional solutions through the GSA eBuy System. Whereby they can invite different vendors and explore their solutions.
  6. Lower Administrative Costs – The GSA handles the administrative burden for the agency of vetting and checking pricing.
  7. Reduces Inventories – Government Buyers know they do not have to inventory items because they can quickly obtain the products, they need from GSA Schedule Holders.
  8. Small Business Targets – Agencies need to work with small businesses. This can be a challenge because many small businesses lack the potential to succeed on a large federal contract. The GSA provides validation to small businesses so that federal buyers feel confident in working with GSA small business contractors.

If you have interest in exploring how a GSA Schedule might go well with your existing 8(a) Certification, or need help with either standalone, I always recommend contacting an industry expert such as Advance GSA or ez8a. Neither charge for an initial consultation.


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