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Targeted Federal Marketing is First Step for Success

I have seen many clients with a great message for their product (or service), and its’ subsequent importance, but they don’t know how to get any traction in the marketplace. They want to pick up the phone, but they have no idea who to call within the federal government.

Services that provide a firm with Targeted Marketing Lists of the Federal Buyers they need to talk to is a critical step early on in the process. Once your content marketing is successful, and you finally get your prospective federal buyer on the phone, it is then critical to have the ability to explain in under 90 seconds how federal buyers could utilize your product.

Once your lists are put together, here is a refresher on how to be you and close the sale.

Credible – Provide reasonable grounds for being believed, numbers can help here.

Agreeable – A mindset of working for a win-win outcome for both parties.

Interactive – Having a two-way communication, asking questions to see if your product can solve a problem.

Captivating – Tell a good story about yourself or your product. You must be interesting to hold someone’s attention, and you must hold attention to make the sale.

Relevant – Be focused on making sure the person you are talking to would have a need for your product.

Entertaining – Make sure the person on the phone is learning something new.

Confident – It is important that you believe in yourself and your product.

Powerful – At times you may need to be compelling, especially when being challenged on a product benefit.

Funny – A humorous anecdote is important in order to be memorable and break the ice.

Inspirational – Don’t be afraid to emphasize your opinion about your product or service and why you believe in what you are doing.

Make sure to practice your routine before you go live, and write down any questions the federal buyers have. This will increase your ability to hone future pitches to your target market.

Remember, the federal market is different than the private sector, however, federal buyers are people too, with many of the same basic needs, whether tangible or intangible.

If you have interest in exploring how to exacerbate your future business development opportunities through list building and/or would like assistance breaking into the federal marketplace altogether through federal certifications and/or a GSA Schedule, I always recommend contacting an industry expert such as Fedvital, ez8a or Advance GSA. None of the aforementioned charge for an initial consultation.


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