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What do 8(a) Certification Numbers Tell Us About Opportunities in Your State?

8(a) Firms Average Sales

According to the SBA, there are roughly 5,800 8(a) certified firms in the United States. 28% of these firms are located in Virginia, Maryland and the Greater DC area. The firms in the DC area, on average, have over $7MM per year in annual federal sales through their 8(a) Certification. The firms located outside of the DC region still do well, but have lower average sales of around $4.8MM per year in annual federal sales.

Outside of the DC Region Outliers

Four states outperform even the 8(a) DC Beltway firms. They are Alaska, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Vermont, although Vermont’s lone 8(a) certified firm destroys conventional numbers, showing just how well a business can do exacerbated by the certification.

8(a) Opportunities

In some states there is limited competition, which allows the 8(a) firm to carve out a niche. This gives these firms the ability to do very well by seeking out the contracts in their own backyard. Some of these firms later take the step of opening a DC office in order to take advantage of more variation of federal 8(a) contracts.

Below is the list to help you make the determination as to how well 8(a) firms are doing in your area.

If you have interest in exploring whether an 8(a) Certification can boost your business development potential when it comes to federal sales, and/or would like to see if your small business qualifies for the 8(a) Certification, I always recommend contacting an industry expert such as ez8a or Advance 8a. Neither charge for an initial consultation.


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