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Why use PSC Code instead of NAICS Codes for Market Research

In conducting Market Research in the Federal space, your firm can choose between two different coding systems. The NAICS Code System which stands for North American Industry Classification System or the PSC Code which stands for Product Service Code which is for federal use. 

Understanding the differences in these systems is important to hone in on your federal target market. 


1. Industry Classification used to identify specific types of industry

2. NAICS is a broad classification

3. The NAICS is what you do


PSC Code

1. PSC’s can help you narrow down exactly what your business does

2. PSC’s are specific and can yield better data for market research and analysis

3. Your PSC is how you are doing it.


Looking at the following example using NAICS Code 541690 Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services illustrates the specifics of how examining both NAICS and PCS is important. This one NAICS Code (541690) has 17 PSC Codes that could fall within it. If we look at these PSC codes, we can see they vary from Land Surveys to Passenger Safety and Security. Chasing NAICS Codes in our quest to find our federal market could send us in the wrong direction.


When marketing lists are built for firms, this is just one of the important factors that need to be examined in order to ensure the correct agencies are being targeted.


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